About Us
orangeink design is a full-service architectural design studio specializing in the design of custom private residences, commercial interiors, and small scale institutional projects.
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Whether designing custom private residences, commercial interiors or small scale institutional projects, orangeink is passionate about providing distinguished modern design. We are always excited to be part of new design challenges and embrace the potential any new project brings.

We listen

We make a point of listening carefully to our clients. We also take care to ask the important (and sometimes difficult) questions that help our clients prioritize their essential spatial and aesthetic requirements. Our conceptual ideas are developed by responding creatively to your expressed aspirations and collaborating with you to arrive at the best possible design.

We love design

Buildings, interiors, furniture, art, fashion or even technology – we appreciate modern design in all forms! Our work draws on a wide body of influences and is therefore always evolving. The common denominator in our work is not any particular style, but rather quality of light and space, thoughtful material choices and attention to important details.

Working with us

We work closely with our clients from the outset to understand their vision, desires, wishes (and even their what-ifs). You will see sketches, models, and technical drawings. The process can sometimes be messy and non-linear, but it will always result in a beautiful design that meets your needs, and, often times, exceeds your expectations. Each orangeink design is unique to the project, the client and location.

We take a team approach that includes establishing collaborative relationships between all parties involved – architect, client, consultants and contractors. We believe this helps in the exchange of good ideas, leading to informed, sound design.

Established in 2011, orangeink design is a full-service studio based in Toronto and led by chief idea generator Tony Diodati. Tony is a licensed OAA architect with over 20 experience and a graduate of Pratt Institute and Ryerson University.